Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ever had the feeling you misplaced something you don't have?

Excuse me,
Beg your pardon,
I was wondering if he went that way
Did you see him?
Did he pass you?
You see, I've lost my lover today.

I left him baking cookies
I had entrusted to him my special spoon
But then I had returned to him
And he had left the room

He did not leave me any note
Or any clues or crumbs
To find where he had disappeared to
So on this search I have come

Describe him?
Tell you about him?
Oh that's quite easy, let me think.
He's... got a nose
And... and two eyeballs
...I think.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Maybe beffuddlement does become me.

I reach and I reach
But my arms are never long enough
I stand high on my toes
By my balance is never proportioned
I run and I run
And I'm still on this dirt road

When will I see the buildings?
When will I seen the people?
Trees and flowers are lovely
Birds and clouds are pretty
But my eyes long for a change in scenery

Mountains don't grow where I'm from
Planes are only a distant imagination
The only things I see that scrape the sky
Are the birds that flap their formation

I dream and I dream
But I'm still rolling in my bed asleep
I wish and I wish
But my goals are no further away from words on a page
I run and I run
And I'm still on this dirt road.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

i've still never had creme brulee.

But every time I watch Amelie, I sure wish I had some. The Honey Trees are singing to me right now. I have successfully completed one page of each of the 4-page papers I have due next week. One for Wednesday and one for Thursday. I have successfully completed the three page rough draft I have due for Monday, and I've yet to study for either of my tests on Monday. Although I did make my study guides for those tests. I just have yet to look at them . . . .

No worries though. I am exactly where I planned to be. And that rarely happens.

Right now I'd just like to curl up in my grandma's afghan and knit my scarf while drinking my tea and watching . . . well I don't know exactly . . . I guess Amelie or having someone read to me. Perhaps something from H.D. or the book I'm trying to get through right now that doesn't pertain to college, The Elegance of the Hedgehog. Marvelous book. It makes me feel smart, and I'd really love to just finish it though I still have about a third of it left.

I miss those January days where I'd curl up in my dorm room and read Harry Potter and feel no guilt whatsoever about not doing homework because none of my books had arrived yet. So long ago . . . last year.

Also, I decided tonight . . . or like two minutes ago . . . that I want to be that person that no one really knows but recognizes. That person with a title because I have one distinguishing feature. I don't know. Like "that girl with the red tights" or "that chick with the moon boots" or "that lady who always wears plaid." I just think that would be cool for a little while. Or something. So one day in the future I will move to a new city far away and buy myself some red tights and wear them every day for a month. Okay, I'll buy several pairs and wash them.