Monday, November 30, 2009

IT'S F.I.N.A.L.S. Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!

It's also after midnight and I have no reason to be awake. I mean, I have no exam tomorrow so it's not like I'm studying or anything. I do have one on Wednesday at 11:30 which will probably take me around 2 hours, and I might do good to get a good grip on the information before the day before the exam, but come on, really who does that?

On an exciting note: we no longer have to check out with our CA before we leave for Christmas if we're coming back next semester. Yaya! Praise the Lord, that was such an unnecessary hassle. I mean come on, we're coming back, do we really have to go through watching you snoop around so you can just say, "ok cool you can go"? No worries though. I can finish my exam, pack up, clean so I won't get charged and fly away! Well not really. I have to be somewhere on campus at 7:30 so really I'll just be killing time. And considering that I sorta live in town, I'm kinda not going anywhere. So the excitement is a bit... um... dumb.

Also on my mind: thirty-second soulmates. "What are those" you ask? Oh, well allow me to enlighten you on such things. Thirty-second soulmates are the names I have given for those people (mainly strangers) who share a moment so wonderful with you that even though you'll never see them again, you feel all light and giddy inside knowing that for those thirty seconds you were perfect for each other. Or maybe that was just me.
I've had three thirty-second soulmates so far.

First one:

Freshman year. On campus, walking to Cromwell alongside the white not-picket fence bordering the Dem school field beginning to cross the street in front of the art building. I'm passing a guy in a yellow running suit.

Guy in yellow running suit: on cell phone rambling nothing important to me


Guy in yellow running suit: rambling blah blah BLESS YOU blah blah


Guy in yellow running suit: rambling blah blah AGAIN blah blah

Me after having passed him: THANKS! (i think i might love you can we be friends what's your name you're kinda cute)

Second one:

Some camping trip last summer. Sitting on a picnic table staring at random guy's back. Dude, even that was pretty.

Me and random guy: start singing the same song at the same time that someone randomly brought up in random conversation that I cannot for the life of me remember Oh why can't I remember it????

Third one:

Starcucks. Weekend of Little Sister's birthday in Eastern Shore trying to order a chai latte. mmmm.

Me trying to say "grande chai latte" and "medium chai latte" at the same time:uagmahduhfsdjhdlfkjhghrguihsd. sigh.

Starbucks barista: ?

Me talking slowly: Can I have a medium chai latte, please? (giggle.)

Starbucks barista: It's okay (laugh). There are no words to describe how awesome a chai latte is!

Both of us: Laugh.

Shut up y'all. These are my moments. I'm keeping 'em.

Grace & peace,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meanwhile... in a town called Spoons...

Went to see New Moon on Sunday... wasn't bad. I liked it. I mean, I didn't leave the theatre wide-eyed and keeping my fingers crossed for the Oscars, but I was very well pleased with the production. And of course I loved the storyline. But I like romance in books and movies, so it's not that surprising.

With this story on my mind, I want to take a moment to express my irritation with Twilight obsessed people. I'm not just talking about the ones that sigh and squeel every time an Edward or Jacob shows up on a TV or a magazine cover or a door to Burger King. I'm also talking about those that sigh and roll their eyes and talk about how much it sucks and how Meyer ruined the vampire image and how it wasn't that great of a book and how Bella's an anti-feminist and whatever else came next that I tuned out.

I will say this one more time. I know I've said it before, but that doesn't stop people from complaining. Stephanie Meyer is not a bad writer. I think she has many strengths when it comes to fiction and painting imagery with words. I may not consider her works to be worthy of the classics, but I'm also sure there were many who were pissed when Dickens or Poe or Twain were put among them. If you want to go there, then I'll ask, what exactly makes something classic? As I think over this, the only response I can come up with is that it has to be so widely recognized and loved by the masses, that it becomes something timeless. Timeless=classic. It is so popular that it will be passed on to our kids. Classic -- because it's timeless. So basically, it is society (with their notoriously ever-changing popular viewpoint) that decides what is classic. And you know what? That's how it's always been. I guess in that case, Twilight could be on its way to "The Classics."

I don't have a problem with that. Again, if it's society that decides this, then what can I do? I don't have to like it. If having "Twilight" everywhere annoys me, so what? There are many things so much worse in this world, why would I dwell on a cult classic that will be replaced by something else in about 5 to 10 years? But the thing is, I do like it. I like the story. As stated before, I like that kind of thing.

As for her ruining the vampire image, well... that argument just sucks. Who owns the rights to non-sparkly vampires? Nobody. Guess what, y'all? It's her mythology. She created this world. She had the freakin dream, let her put it in the story. It's not a story that revolves around vampires anyway. It's a love story that just happens to have vampires involved. In fact, I may have been even more impressed with this than if she had just followed what had been decided about vampires long ago. She writes fiction. Fiction is creative writing. The thing about creative writing is that we get to do what we want. We get to CREATE. We get to do new things. We get to throw everyone else's rules out the window because following what everyone else does is not creative. Duh. If you like the other kind of vampires better, then go read about them and stop complaining.

As for the anti-feminism, well... I say just shut up. Bella chose what she wanted to do, and isn't that the foundation of feminism? She chose it. No one forced her into it so stop whining, feminazis. Geez.

If I have annoyed anyone with my love of the story, I apologize. Just so you know, this hasn't received any more attention than anything else I've fallen in love with in the past (such as Harry, Stars Hollow, the Winchesters, most recent crush). I'll do my best to be better. I know it's not easy. We, who claim to have a life, are rather annoyed with those who don't and live in this fantasy world of books. But I say just let them. They're not hurting anybody. Yet.

Next time you hear fifteen-year-old what's-her-name fawning over a Cullen or Quileute, just ignore it. By having to lash back all the time you become one of them -- an obsessed Twilight person. So don't let it get to you. And let me enjoy the movie. Thanks!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Before you stone me...

Concerning the recent announcement that the governor will request a merger with the W and MSU, I would like to say that I am in favor of it. I do realize all that it could possibly entail, but my position comes from, I believe, a practical view.

There are many (faculty, students, and alumni) who are beginning to strategize in order to fight this "tooth and nail" (as one professor eloquently put it). I, however, would like all of us to simply breathe, slow down for a few seconds, and realize


It very well could be months before any final decision is made, and even if the state does decide to merge, the transition could take a year or two or three... I don't know... No need to freak out. Yet.

But back to the reason I approve of the merger. Let's say we all band together to wage this battle to save this university, and we win. The question I ask is, what exactly are we saving? We are still going to be left with a university that is struggling for money, struggling for students, struggling for faculty, struggling for more and better programs, and struggling for a better campus.

I recognize the fear that all of the W, its history, its personality, its traditions, and its specialization in women's studies and history, will be absorbed and essentially lost in the ginormous institute that is MSU. And I do greatly love the W for all these things. I like the smaller classes. I like that the professors know my name. I like that I can walk to all my classes and save my gas. I like that we have social clubs instead of sororities full of carbon copies. Of course I don't want that to be lost. But my hope is that maybe it won't have to be. I don't see a problem with both campuses offering core classes. MSU is a technical school. They can keep that. We can keep all our specialties as well. We can keep our housing. There's no need to require students to drive between towns to get all their classes.

I also recognize the fear of job loss. And that point is not easy to debate, so I won't. I only know that the W was already planning on cutting 70 jobs over the next two years. Well to be more accurate, I only heard that and I'm not sure of the original source, so I really don't know for sure.

In the long run, I believe a merger will be the best decision. The state does not need (and cannot support) 7 universities. And it especially does not need two universities half an hour apart. I know the tradition, "Boys go to State, girls go to the W. We're sister schools." But change is inevitable. I say embrace it, and make it work for you. If we could keep our personality and history, then what will it hurt? If we become a fine arts extension, those with degrees from here not in fine arts may not have to worry, employers might just look at the MSU part of the name. And for those who, being caught in the transition, fear having to completely restructure their schedules, don't worry. I believe that State will have to honor what y'all have already done and not require you to switch to their curriculum, which may require starting over. I think they will let you finish as if you were at the W.

That is my opinion and my position. For those who oppose this, go ahead and do something. However you feel, there's no need to sit by and watch things happen. Be active!

My only request: please wait until I graduate. I cannot afford MSU's tuition. That is, after all, why I came to the W.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My ultimate dream(s)

First: to be a roadie. That doesn't sleep with the band. Well, unless I'm married to one of them I guess. I do want me a musician:) I'd like to be with the band but not in it. And I like travelling. And I love music. So that sounds good, doesn't it?

Second: to open my own business. A cafe that everyone loves because I'll be open early for the mommies with kids and I'll be open late for the students. And I'll have wireless internet. And I'll be able to afford a staff so I don't have to work all the time. And I'll have a store with it too, and we'll sell fun things like Vera Bradley crap and monogramed toilet paper and "after you go" spray and homemade candles and soap and coffee mugs that don't have another like it. And they won't be name brands. And I'll also give away free recipes instead of coupons at the register. Well maybe I'll give away coupons. And it'll smell like chocolate chip cookies. Until it starts to hurt my business. And it won't be crazy expensive!

Next on my mind is that I'm turning into an all-things-organic lover as long as it tastes good and I recognize it and it's not too much out of my wallet (as all-things-organic likes to have as a characteristic). For example, yesterday I bought a bottle of Naked All Natural Fruit + Boosts superfood. It's blended juice that tastes like a smoothie. My particular flavor is Blue Machine and it has 57 blueberries, 6 blackberries, 6 3/4 apples and 2 1/3 bananas. AND it comes in a 100% recyclable & recycled bottle. AND it's rain forest alliance certified (I don't know what that means actually, but it sounds nice). It cost me about $4, but it's 32 oz. and there's no sugar added and it's worth it because it's way more than you'd get for the same price-ish at a coffee shop that shall remain unnamed.

I used to get annoyed with the environment activists (still do sometimes) because I thought they took things too far, but really, how is it so bad to recycle more or reuse the other side of your paper before you throw it away? Or make sure you get every drop of that lotion before you discard the bottle? Or throw your leftover food outside instead of in the trash can? There's no way to avoid using and wasting energy, but what does it hurt to at least attempt cutting back? If anything, you'd also be saving money because you don't have to buy trash bags as often if you don't fill your trash can as much. I think it's a good thing.

And when I become a roadie, we'll use vegetable oil for the bus that will be the location of the creation of my great novel.