Saturday, November 7, 2009

My ultimate dream(s)

First: to be a roadie. That doesn't sleep with the band. Well, unless I'm married to one of them I guess. I do want me a musician:) I'd like to be with the band but not in it. And I like travelling. And I love music. So that sounds good, doesn't it?

Second: to open my own business. A cafe that everyone loves because I'll be open early for the mommies with kids and I'll be open late for the students. And I'll have wireless internet. And I'll be able to afford a staff so I don't have to work all the time. And I'll have a store with it too, and we'll sell fun things like Vera Bradley crap and monogramed toilet paper and "after you go" spray and homemade candles and soap and coffee mugs that don't have another like it. And they won't be name brands. And I'll also give away free recipes instead of coupons at the register. Well maybe I'll give away coupons. And it'll smell like chocolate chip cookies. Until it starts to hurt my business. And it won't be crazy expensive!

Next on my mind is that I'm turning into an all-things-organic lover as long as it tastes good and I recognize it and it's not too much out of my wallet (as all-things-organic likes to have as a characteristic). For example, yesterday I bought a bottle of Naked All Natural Fruit + Boosts superfood. It's blended juice that tastes like a smoothie. My particular flavor is Blue Machine and it has 57 blueberries, 6 blackberries, 6 3/4 apples and 2 1/3 bananas. AND it comes in a 100% recyclable & recycled bottle. AND it's rain forest alliance certified (I don't know what that means actually, but it sounds nice). It cost me about $4, but it's 32 oz. and there's no sugar added and it's worth it because it's way more than you'd get for the same price-ish at a coffee shop that shall remain unnamed.

I used to get annoyed with the environment activists (still do sometimes) because I thought they took things too far, but really, how is it so bad to recycle more or reuse the other side of your paper before you throw it away? Or make sure you get every drop of that lotion before you discard the bottle? Or throw your leftover food outside instead of in the trash can? There's no way to avoid using and wasting energy, but what does it hurt to at least attempt cutting back? If anything, you'd also be saving money because you don't have to buy trash bags as often if you don't fill your trash can as much. I think it's a good thing.

And when I become a roadie, we'll use vegetable oil for the bus that will be the location of the creation of my great novel.


  1. Ok. You wanna be a roadie not a sleeping with the band is not required, so hey, that's good!
    Also, I would like your cafe, but my sister Bethany would like it even more...especially if you put a small playgroud for the kiddies in haha.
    lastly, Naked juice is the only way I get fruit now...and it acts as a meal when I do break down and buy it.

  2. Ha! I would definitely love your cafe/shop, as I have thought and mentioned to Melissa what a great idea it would be!! And a small cozy play area with kids books and things would be nice too. ;)
    I totally agree with taking care of the environment, but people that try to cram it down our throats, and think that we actually have control over "climate change", are deranged. And our government is using "the environment" as another way to control our actions and freedoms, turning us into a socialist nation.
    Sorry if this sounds like a rant, my hubs is listening to talk radio. yeah.
    Anyway, enjoyed reading your post!
    ~ Bethany