Monday, November 30, 2009

IT'S F.I.N.A.L.S. Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!

It's also after midnight and I have no reason to be awake. I mean, I have no exam tomorrow so it's not like I'm studying or anything. I do have one on Wednesday at 11:30 which will probably take me around 2 hours, and I might do good to get a good grip on the information before the day before the exam, but come on, really who does that?

On an exciting note: we no longer have to check out with our CA before we leave for Christmas if we're coming back next semester. Yaya! Praise the Lord, that was such an unnecessary hassle. I mean come on, we're coming back, do we really have to go through watching you snoop around so you can just say, "ok cool you can go"? No worries though. I can finish my exam, pack up, clean so I won't get charged and fly away! Well not really. I have to be somewhere on campus at 7:30 so really I'll just be killing time. And considering that I sorta live in town, I'm kinda not going anywhere. So the excitement is a bit... um... dumb.

Also on my mind: thirty-second soulmates. "What are those" you ask? Oh, well allow me to enlighten you on such things. Thirty-second soulmates are the names I have given for those people (mainly strangers) who share a moment so wonderful with you that even though you'll never see them again, you feel all light and giddy inside knowing that for those thirty seconds you were perfect for each other. Or maybe that was just me.
I've had three thirty-second soulmates so far.

First one:

Freshman year. On campus, walking to Cromwell alongside the white not-picket fence bordering the Dem school field beginning to cross the street in front of the art building. I'm passing a guy in a yellow running suit.

Guy in yellow running suit: on cell phone rambling nothing important to me


Guy in yellow running suit: rambling blah blah BLESS YOU blah blah


Guy in yellow running suit: rambling blah blah AGAIN blah blah

Me after having passed him: THANKS! (i think i might love you can we be friends what's your name you're kinda cute)

Second one:

Some camping trip last summer. Sitting on a picnic table staring at random guy's back. Dude, even that was pretty.

Me and random guy: start singing the same song at the same time that someone randomly brought up in random conversation that I cannot for the life of me remember Oh why can't I remember it????

Third one:

Starcucks. Weekend of Little Sister's birthday in Eastern Shore trying to order a chai latte. mmmm.

Me trying to say "grande chai latte" and "medium chai latte" at the same time:uagmahduhfsdjhdlfkjhghrguihsd. sigh.

Starbucks barista: ?

Me talking slowly: Can I have a medium chai latte, please? (giggle.)

Starbucks barista: It's okay (laugh). There are no words to describe how awesome a chai latte is!

Both of us: Laugh.

Shut up y'all. These are my moments. I'm keeping 'em.

Grace & peace,


  1. I like the moments :-) btw, my new blog is 'Day under the stars' or