Thursday, April 14, 2011

little girl

Be thrilled, little girl
And smack your lips
From the fruitsy pops,
Lick every drip
Be frilled, little girl
Not with laces and things
With giggles and smiles
And summers and springs
Be blithe, little girl
The sun is still there
Behind the grey puffs
And the drab, dingy air
Be at ease, little girl
With tears, fears, and burns
Make a mess, if you must
Think not of your concerns
Be soft, little girl
And love all you make
Be proud of your hands
And eat lots of cake
And live, little girl
Make a splash in your world
Always keep a piece
Of the once little girl


  1. Who wrote this? Was it you? I like it a lot. I am a picky poetry reader, and I really adore this.

  2. I would like a copy of your first collection of poetry. At your convenience of course.