Monday, May 20, 2013

weddings/engagements: now that i have experience to offer

1. you will not think of everything, no matter how hard you try.

2. you will not think of everything, no matter how hard you try.

2.a. however, do try your hardest to think of everything, you will get farther than you think.

3. the smartest thing you can do (that is if you are like me and lack the budget for a professional wedding planner), is to reach out to your friends who know what they're doing/have done it a time or twelve, and let them think of things for you. 

4. regardless of how well things are planned, stress happens. you will feel bad about how much your family and friends are stressing themselves for you. but they are your family and friends, it's sort of in the understood contract, and heaven knows you worked your butt for them a time or two.

5. do not wear blue panties when trying on dresses.

6. playing the "i won't tell them, i'll just try to find reasons to make my ring obvious until they notice it" game is not worth it, nor is it all that fun. most people will not pay attention. 

7. i've yet to meet anyone who wedded in a courthouse and regretted it.

8. if you don't have to pay more, then don't.

9. never swear to never declare, "it's my wedding" because you will.

10. never swear that your plans will be so simple that you won't be like all those other brides who declared they wished they had eloped when all the stress settled in, because you will.

11. within reason, it's okay to declare, "it's my wedding"

12. it's never too early to complete a task

13. even though it may get old when everyone wants to share their own stories related to planning/wedding/showers/parties/honeymoon/family dealings, it's worth it in the end.

14. sometimes you will have to badger people for help. don't feel bad about this. if they offered, it is up to you to keep reminding them of that.

15. vendors give your name to other vendors. those vendors will then contact you without your permission to sell you things.when an unsolicited vendor keeps calling you, suck it up and answer the phone to say that you are not interested. ignoring each phone call in hopes that they will give up is futile. they never give up.

16. re-gifting is not a sin, it's a practicality.

17. some people elope, some people create spectacles. do what you want, and don't let anyone take away the things that mean the most to you. you and your fiance are in charge of the guest list. you and your fiance are in charge of everything. if you have to have boundaries, then you figure out how to work with them. no one gets to figure them out for you. 

18. you won't truly believe it until it's the day of, but you will get married regardless of what happens with the flowers, the food, the weather, the music, the sound system, or your nails.

19. and most importantly, SWITCH PHONES WITH YOUR SISTER THE DAY BEFORE AND THE DAY OF AND DON'T TELL ANYONE. well, you know, except for maybe your mom and fiance. BUT NO ONE ELSE.

20. Tell everyone that you love them.

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