Friday, January 15, 2010

That story.

It is a sad one we all know. The one where I gathered all my toys, created a beautiful castle, wrapped it in a pretty box, and handed it to God and said, "Please?" And God said, "No."

My castle was so beautiful. It had a story and a prince. I planned every piece. I structured every angle. I said, "But God, it's such a pretty castle." And God said, "I know." And I said "Please?" And God said, "No."

I held it close and cried over it. The castle in its box was so precious to me. It truly was a pretty castle. And I said, "But God, I made it." And God said, "I know." And I said, "Please?" And God said, "No."

I was so hurt. My loving God should give me what I want. My loving father should acquiesce my desires. He should supply me with happiness. My castle made me happy.

And I said, "Why, God?" And God said, "Why, what?" And I said, "Why can't I have my castle? I built it." And God said, "What do you plan on doing with your castle? You can't fit in it, it's in a box. My castles are bigger." And I said, "Oh."

And that is precisely what we do with our dreams. We think they're so big and beautiful, but they come from tiny minds. So naturally, they are rather tiny. Not big enough for us. God knows we need bigger. He dreams big dreams.

But keep dreaming. You might be surprised at what he can do with yours.

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