Thursday, February 11, 2010

Of music and such things to revive the pieces of one's soul

Peter Bradley Adams and Matthew Perryman Jones each have voices that have stolen my heart. I was listening to them both earlier tonight, and the only thing that came to my mind in terms of describing the feeling I get from their music is that it feels like cold water running down a parched throat. You know what I mean. The cold water that not only feels marvelous on your tongue, but you can feel it go all the way down like a slow relaxing exhalation that goes all the way to your tummy.

It is refreshing. It is a deep breath. It is much needed. It sometimes lulls me to oblivion of all other things. It feels good. I believe in soaking up music the way a fois gras connoisseur savours every ounce of their dish. Absorbing to the full extent everything there is to absorb about a truly fantastically crafted portion of the ever growing music library. You might have to close your eyes to get the best experience. Unless you're driving. Don't close your eyes then, please.


  1. I regret to say I don't think I've heard their music, but I will look them up! I agree about music soothing the soul, and really eliciting all kinds of emotions. Also, I like your new blog look.

  2. Thanks! I'm still trying a bunch of things... Maybe I'll settle on one look. No probably not...

  3. I get tired of my layout and change it from time to time... I guess it is kind of refreshing...